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Tungsten Sheets & Plates

Application  Type Cutting Ability Bending Ability Shock Resistance Sputtering Ability Density


Base plates for sintering boats, heaters, reflectors, heatspreader, weights, spacers, various kinds of jigs and tools  Reduction Products
Sintered products


Sputtering targets, molds for hot pressing  Reduction Products
Sintered products


Sputtering targets  Reduction Products
Sintered products

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Types of Tunsten Sheets & Plates
Material Purity
3N-W (General material) 99.95% or over
5N-W (Ultrahigh-purity material) 99.999% or over
Type Density(g/cm3) Relative density(%)
Reduction Products 18.6~19.3 96.3~100.0
Sintered Products 17.0~17.9 88.1~92.7





Standard Dimensions of Tungsten Sheets & Plates (Unit: mm)
Thickness General tolerance ±10% Finished surface Dimensions
Acid-cleaned Ground/polished Honed Max. width Max. length
1.0~4.9 300 500
5.0~10.0 300 300

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