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High-Performance Crucibles

crucible1High-performance crucibles are the product of development in the pursuit of increased size and product life. In particular, molybdenum crucibles have been well-received as long-life crucibles due to such features as high density and uniform micro-structure. These are widely used for growing single-crystal sapphire.



Product Type 
Material  Size 
Outside Diameter(mm)×Height(mm) Thickness (mm)
Sintered Products   Molybdenum (max)D400×H400
Tungsten-Molybdenum Alloy (max)D300×H300
Tungsten (max)D200×H200
Spinning Product Molybdenum (max)D600×H600 (max)15.0、(min)1.0

Consult with us about sizes exceeding the above and for special processing.