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Infrared Optical Products

Sumitomo Electric manufactures, processes, and handles optical coating of various infrared transmission materials that are used as the windows and lenses of infrared sensors.

Sintered ZnS Infrared Lens

newmats-infralens-imageSumitomo Electric’s unique sintered ZnS lens provides a low cost solution to replace existing lens materials. The low cost can be achieved by the original mold forming process without machining. Practical transparency is 8-12 um wavelength (LWIR). Aspherical lens and diffractive lens are available. The lenses can be supplied as assembled modules, with DLC coating and/or Athermalized.

Polycrystalline Spinel Substrates

newmats-substrates-imageSumitomo Electric’s low-cost spinel sintered body features small polarization and high thermal conductivity. This transparent substrate is typically used as a light-transmitting window and light-transmitting lens for light-emitting devices.