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SUMICRYSTAL (Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond)

The SUMICRYSTAL™, through Sumitomo Electric's original ultra-high pressure technology, became the world's first commercially available large crystal synthetic diamond. Produced in Sumitomo Electric's factory under the most stringent quality control, the Sumicrystal's superior quality, predictable nature and consistent supply truly make it a diamond among diamonds for industrial applications.

  • SUMICRYSTAL™ (Type Ib) - Is a synthetic single crystal diamond containing evenly distribute nitrogen in quantities of several tens of ppm.
SUMICRYSTAL™ as a Heatsink

Diamond’s high thermal conductivity makes synthetic diamond highly useful as a heat sink material for radiation.

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High-quality synthetic diamond crystals are produced under ultrahigh-pressure and high-temperature conditions of 5 GPa and 1,300 ºC or higher. We live in the world at one atmospheric pressure. The pressure of 5 GPa, or 50,000 atmospheres, corresponds to the pressure at approximately 200 km below ground level.





In 1982, Sumitomo Electric succeeded in synthesizing a 1.2-carat single-crystal diamond. It was listed in Guinness World Records 1984 as the world's largest synthetic diamond. (Later a 9-carat diamond was successfully synthesized.)