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Non-halogen Highly Flexible FPC

Non-halogen Highly Flexible FPC With recent advancements in high functional performance in electronic packaging, such as HDD (Hard Disk Drive) products, it’s critical that flexibility endurance not be compromised by high temperature conditions.

Sumitomo Electric has developed adhesive systems for base and coverlay composites which not only meet industry flexibility performance but also environmental standards for halogen free materials.

Property Values


Test Method

Property Value

Flexibility underHigh Temperature

90℃ R2.5mm
Stroke15mm 1500rpm,

112 million cycles


Circuit peel-off strength

JIS C5016-8.1

6.9N/cm or above

Coverlay peel-off strength

JIS C5016-8.1

3.4N/cm or above

Surface insulationresistance

JIS C5016-7.6

5×108Ω or above

Surface anti-voltage

JIS C5016-7.5

No flash-over at AC500V

Solder heat resistance

JIS C5016-10.3

No bulge or peel-off


JIS C5016-9.1 Condition(2)

After test,Conductor resistance change rate…20% or belowNo peel-off of land,no damage of base film,no peel-off of coverlayby visual inspection


JIS C5016-9.5

After test,Insulation resistancebetween lines…1×108Ω or above
(Apply DC50V)

Chemical resistance

JIS C5016-10.5

No bulge or peel-off

(*1) This is measured value and not guaranteed value.