The unique materials and technology of the POREFLON PTFE MF/UF Membrane Module are supported by a highly qualified sales and technical team—from initial inquiry to installation, and beyond.

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BEFORE. When you are ready to consider use of a POREFLON system, Sumitomo Electric will perform a treatment test on your wastewater stream within our U.S.-based laboratories and present you with results and analysis. You will also be able to evaluate the POREFLON membrane module to verify its performance in your treatment facility.

SERVICE AFTER THE SALE. After installation, Sumitomo will support your system maintenance with extensive after-sales service that includes remote monitoring, regular inspection, cleaning and replacement of the membrane module, and emergency response to any abnormality.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

Here’s what some users have to say about the POREFLON module:

After installation of PTFE MBR trains in 2012 at municipal wastewater treatment plant in Vermont, the plant operator had this to say:
“This has had a profound effect on our energy usage. This alone will result in an estimated $7,000 savings in annual energy costs.” The town was awarded a grant towards the purchase of the PTFE membranes from the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation due to the expected reduction of energy usage.

Further, comments on how the PTFE MBR trains were less labor intensive than the original membranes:
“We are looking forward to not pulling the racks out every two weeks for cleaning. The fact that we won’t be pulling the racks and physically cleaning the membranes should extend the life of the membranes due to less handling.” In addition, the plant operator estimated that more than 40 man-hours will be saved each year due to in-line cleaning recommended.

“Sumitomo’s membranes are quite robust and not easily torn.”
– Director of facility management at food manufacturing company

“The ease of cleaning and maintenance of the POREFLON membrane contributed to an overall savings in plant operation costs.”
– Manager of beverage manufacturing company

“In the three years since installation, the POREFLON module has been operating stably with no tearing or clogging of the membrane.”
– Plant manager food processing company