High Permeability


POREFLON is highly permeable to water due to its high porosity. Manufacturable pore sizes are standard at 0.08um, 0.1um, 0.2um (microns).

Membrane Close UpThe image on the right illustrates the 3D microscopic structure of our POREFLON products. The white area is made of PTFE fibers. The black parts represent voids, or pores. The ratio of pore spaces to the total volume is referred to as the porosity.

Without strength limitations and other restrictions, the porosity of POREFLON can be increased up to around 90%. A higher porosity implies less resistance to the passage of water and translates into higher water permeability. High porosity also reduces fowling from waters containing a high percentage of total suspended solids (TSS) as well as oil-contaminated wastewater.

Excellent Hydrophilic Performance

POREFLON PTFE has superior hydrophilic properties due to a proprietary treatment technology applied in the manufacturing process. This unique hydrophilic property allows POREFLON PTFE membranes to move easily from dry to wet, from transport to operation, and even back to dry storage without losing any of its functional characteristics.

High Permeability

Ask a Sumitomo-USA representative about certification of POREFLON and about the structure of the PTFE hollow fiber membrane.