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October 2017 Newsletter – POREFLON chosen for wastewater treatment in soft drink production

October 13, 2017

Location: Japan, 2014

Goal: Increase production and increase in wastewater treatment capacity

Capacity: 200 m3/d (52,840 GPD)

Additional 400m3/d (105,668 GPD) with PTFE membranes


This customer was a soft drink manufacturer in Japan whose products ended up on the shelves of convenience stores – along with many other soft drink products from other manufacturers. This is a very competitive industry in Japan, and the products don’t stay on the shelf long. Thus, decisions were made to increase and invest in the production process to meet the demand – and to keep its spot on convenience store shelves full of product.

The decision to increase production of the soft drink products meant that the manufacturer also had to also increase the capacity of its wastewater treatment program. Not unusually, especially in Japan, space for increased waste stream treatment can be an issue. The plant needed to increase capacity within the existing footprint.

Treatment Membranes Evaluated

The soft drink manufacturing plant had been using flat sheet membranes for wastewater treatment, but to increase capacity with flat sheets required more space. The plant manager began to explore other treatment membranes, looking for increased capacity within the space available for wastewater treatment. Ceramic membranes were considered, but the expense for replacement was a huge deterrent.

Then, hollow fiber membranes were considered and PVDF and PTFE (POREFLON™) were evaluated within the plant. The decision was ultimately made to replace the flat sheet membranes with POREFLON™ hollow fiber membranes. Both cost and the high tensile strength of the PTFE hollow fiber membranes factored into the decision.


The POREFLON™ PTFE hollow fiber membranes have been in continuous operation in this soft drink manufacturing facility in Japan since March 2014 with no operational issues. At this time, all of the existing flat sheet membranes have been removed and replaced with POREFLON™PTFE Membrane product, resulting in an additional 400 m3/day of wastewater treatment capacity.

Treatment Process

Raw Water → Adjustment Tank → Aerobic Tank → Membrane Immersion Tank → Discharge to River

Water Quality

(mg/L) Raw Water Treated Water
COD 460 27
Turbidity < 0.1
SS 42 < 1