Global MapPOREFLON PTFE is in use today in more than 250 water treatment facilities worldwide.

The unique qualities of the fiber materials and proprietary technologies allow the membrane module to be used in both submersible applications as well as for external pressure systems.

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Submerged POREFLON Membrane Module (SPMW)

Submerged Membrane Module-In its Submerged POREFLON Membrane Module (SPMW), Sumitomo Electric offers a series of submerged membrane module products with the following principal applications:

  • Industrial organic wastewater treatment (MBR)
  • Treatment of high-concentration water-insoluble oil-contaminated wastewater
  • Municipal sewage treatment (MBR)
  • Treatment of highly turbid wastewater

Pressurized POREFLON Membrane Module (OPMW)

Pressurized Membrane ModuleOur Pressurized POREFLON Membrane Module (OPMW series) product lineup for external pressurized membrane module products includes the following applications:

  • Treatment of general industrial wastewater (food, fiber, rubber, steel, dyeing, semiconductor, etc.)
  • Treatment of water-insoluble and oil-contaminated wastewater
  • Water purification (pre-treatment of seawater in desalination; turning contaminated groundwater and surface water into serviceable water)

For Industrial Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater

POREFLON with PTFE has been pilot tested against the competition (PVDF membranes) in a variety of Industrial waste water cleaning situations and has delivered superior stability, durability and water quality performance over and over again. Further, the efficient design of the POREFLON PTFE Membrane Module makes it an obvious choice when plant expansion is needed within a limited space.

As an example of its high performance, the table below shows water quality results when an MBR with POREFLON was piloted at a textile plant for dye process wastewater with a treatment flow rate of 800m3/d:

Water Quality Parameter Unit Feed Water Permeate Result Plant Target
BOD mg/l 860 1 <=20
SS mg/l 700 <1 <=5
PVA mg/l 1,000 5 <=50

(Note: figures are averaged)

Ask a Sumitomo-USA representative about water quality results from additional industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

For Oil & Gas Industry

Oil RefineriesPOREFLON is not prone to clogging by contaminants such as oil and other organic substances. If soiled, it can be cleaned of contaminants by using a strong acid or alkali. Users select POREFLON for wastewater treatment in oil refineries due to the material’s durability and stable performance, which enables it to be used for a long period of time. The POREFLON module is utilized by refinery operations in Asia and the Middle East. It is scheduled to begin similar operations in the United States in 2017.

For Wastewater Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment SystemsThe POREFLON module can be packaged as an MBR system with a submersible tank, pumps, diffuser blower, and control board. Connecting this modular system to an existing aeration tank enables facilities to build a wastewater treatment plant quickly, within a confined footprint, and at a low cost. Sumitomo Electric provides after-sales services such as 24-hour remote monitoring, periodic inspections, and membrane cleaning and replacement.